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BLOG TOUR AND REVIEW Rebel Heart by LK Farlow

Title: Rebel Heart Author: LK Farlow Genre: New Adult/RomCom Standalone Release Date: July 26, 2018 She wants to see him get wild and he thinks she needs Jesus. When AJ Adams is coerced into tutoring Brock Larson, she can’t help but wonder what she’s done to deserve such an epic punishment. He’s the very definition of an All-American good boy—and a total kiss ass. He’s the perfect son, the perfect student, and according to rumor, by far the best golfer the university has ever seen. Puh-lease. If he’s so perfect, why does he need tutoring? With his British Literature grade circling the drain, Brock knows he needs help. But when he meets his tutor, he can’t believe his friggin’ luck. Abby Jane no longer resembles the childhood best friend he used to play hide and seek with. No, she’s all attitude and pink hair and tattoos. Oh, and she hates him, so that’s a plus. Brock and AJ couldn’t clash more and antagonizing one another is just too easy. But, as they spend more time together, the lines beg…

RELEASE BLITZ Handle With Care by Nina Croft

“Heat, heart and plenty of happy sighs.”-- Avery Flynn, USA Today bestselling author Handle with Care, an all-new sexy and emotional second chance romance from Nina Croft is LIVE!
Synopsis What if all you want is the one thing you can’t have? First grade teacher Emily Towson always does the right thing. The sensible thing. But in her dreams, she does bad, bad things with the town’s baddest boy: Tanner O’Connor. But when he sells her grandmother a Harley, fantasy is about to meet a dose of reality. And then he goes and calls her “sensible”... Tanner can’t believe sweet Emily is standing in his shop. Yelling and waving her hands and looking so god damn sexy he’s having trouble focusing. He’d spent two hard years in prison, with only the thought of this “good girl” to keep him sane. He really should send her away... Before either one thinks though, they’re naked and making memories on his tool bench with apparently the oldest condom in history. Now Tanner’s managed to knock-up the town’s “go…

RELEASE Scarred by Elizabeth Knox

Title: Scarred
Series: Demons of Hell #1 Author: Elizabeth Knox Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: July 28, 2018

I had it all, or at least I did according to everyone else. I had the club, I had the most powerful husband, the Prez of the Demons of Hell MC. I had a family. He’d told me time and time again the club was my “family”. My “family” let a lot of things happen to me that shouldn’t of. My “family” did a great job of turning a blind eye. My “family” was great at letting me be the punching bag for their mistakes. For all of his pent up anger and frustrations. My “family” was the reason I almost died. When Rage came into my life I saw nothing else. His name was a warning and I didn’t listen.


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Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her Mob and MC books, the international bestselling author of Reign, Redemption, Revenge, Relentless, Promised, Tough as Steele, Stripping a Steele…

RELEASE Yard Sale by Charleigh Rose

Title: Yard Sale Author: Charleigh Rose Genre: New Adult Romance (novella) Release Date: July 26, 2018 Mollie  I was freshly fired from my job and betrayed by my boyfriend. It was a new low for me.  A one-night stand with an arrogant stranger was just what I needed.  I didn’t know that he was a famous snowboarder, or that he’d give me the best sex of my life. I wasn’t ever supposed to see him again. Fate had other plans.  Cam I was young and rich with the whole world at my fingertips. I was in my prime. A one-night stand with a hot little tourist on the rebound was the perfect way to spend my weekend. I didn’t know she’d leave in the middle of the night, or that I’d wake up wanting more.  I never thought I’d see her again.  Now she’s back. She’s been keeping a secret. One that will change everything.
“Why were you upset earlier?” I ask. “Boyfriend issues? Daddy issues?” Mollie huffs out a humorless laugh. “Sort of. I just got out of a complicated relationship right before I came here.”“Ah, so I’m the reb…