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Title: Stud
Series: Dragon Runners #2
Author: ML Nystrom
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2018


Bold and brash, Eva MacAteer has spent her life working in her blue-collar family’s construction business. In doing so, she’s had to fight for her own place away from her overbearing father, as well as for her own identity as a woman. Struggling between her loyalty to her brothers and her desire to strike out to be her own person, Eva knows one thing for certain: getting involved with a womanizer, no matter how hot he may be, is not the path for her. 

Stud is not one to be tied down to any woman. Fiercely loyal to the club and his single ways, the last thing he expects is to become fascinated by the fiery Eva. He sees his own life reflected in hers and is not quite sure how to handle the connection.

Can two mismatched people find enough common ground to overcome their fears and allow love to grow?

Rating - 💜💜💜

Well let me start by saying I absolutely loved Mute, the first book in this series so I was eagerly waiting for Stud to be released. When I started reading Stud I couldn’t quite connect to the storyline. I really REALLY wanted to love it. It wasn’t until about the 20% mark that things picked up slightly for me. I was waiting for things to happen, anticipating what might be but it all fell short and I felt a little disappointed. I didn’t find Stud as charismatic as I did when he was in Mute. Maybe I could have connected better with him if there was more in Stud’s point of view. It was mainly written in Eva’s POV. I also didn’t feel the love connection between Eva and Stud, I felt their friendship but not their love.

I found most of the banter quite funny through the book, unless it was Eva’s brothers, most of her brothers were nasty to her. I liked Eva’s character. She was funny, likeable , and didn’t hide the truth from anyone. I actually felt a lot more of a connection to Table than I did to Stud. Stud’s family, wow, they are going to shock you that’s for sure!

I love this motorcycle club and I love that the members are finding their happy ever after so I can’t wait until the next instalment comes out! I received an early copy of this book. The comments above are my own.

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Author Bio

ML Nystrom had stories in her head since she was a child. All sorts of stories of fantasy, romance, mystery and anything else that captured her interest.  A voracious reader, she’s spent many hours devouring books; therefore, she found it only fitting she should write a few herself!  

ML has spent most of my life as a performing musician and band instrument repair technician, but that doesn’t mean she’s pigeon-holed into one mold.  She’s been a university professor, belly dancer, craftsperson, soap maker, singer, rock band artist, jewelry maker, lifeguard, swim coach, and whatever else she felt like exploring.  As one of her students said to her once, "Life’s too short to ignore the opportunities."  She has no intention of ever stopping... so welcome to her story world. She hopes you enjoy it!

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